Magic of Bonaire

Many people have been enchanted by this beautiful and amazing island where various activities take place continually. Some of the features of the island that will enchant you are the pristine waters that seem to wash up any of your worries. You will feel the serenity of the place once you settled and begin your vacation. A perfect place where no traffic lights to be careful but only a life that you get to do what you like. Residents welcome visitors from all over the country.

With the continuous efforts, Bonaire has been successful in carrying activities to make tourism sustainable. Even if it has received the number one spot in the aspect of “Shore Diving Destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic in Scuba Diving Magazine’s Annual Readers’ Choice Awards”. This award was given to the island consistently for already 24 years. There are other awards received. That is the result of the endless effort of the island and its citizens to preserve nature. There should be a balance of tourism and recovery and protection.

A coral reef restoration project is also being carried out. That is for the present and future of the tourism in the place and the opportunity of people living in there. You will not surely forget the slogan of Bonaire which is “Once a visitor always a friend”. You will surely not forget the various experiences and the memories you have gathered during your stay here. More is to be known of this amazing place where various activities are done.